About Zig Ziglar

Hilary “Zig” Ziglar was born November 6, 1926 in the great state of Alabama! (Alabama is also the birthplace of Charles “Tremendous” Jones, Bryan Townsend, Al Argo and other great motivational speakers) Zig grew up for most of his life in Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Zig Ziglar is an author, distinguished salesperson, and motivational speaker. His newest book (as of 2007) is God's Way Is Still the Best Way. When I first read Zig’s Secret’s Of Closing The Sale my sales tripled before finishing the book.

Ziglar has written twenty-five books total on such subjects as personal growth, leadership, sales, faith, family and success, including See You at the Top, Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World, Top Performance, Courtship After Marriage and Over The Top. Nine titles have been on the best seller lists; his books and tapes have been translated into over thirty-eight languages and dialects. (1)

Ziglar served in the Navy during World War II and later attended the University of South Carolina.

After leaving USC he began his career in sales. For the first several years he really struggled in sales. Ziglar’s sales began to increase after a sales manager gave him a personal pep talk at a regional sales meeting. Soon he was close to the top of his company in a field of over 7,000 salespeople nationwide.

I first attended one of Zig’s trainings when I was an advertising account executive. His stories and his sense of humor combine to make his message memorable.

I remember one morning Brian Lindley (co-founder of Southestern Capital Mortgage) and I drove a pick-up truck over the entire state of Alabama (about 5 hours) just to attend a day long session with Zig Ziglar and other motivational speakers.

When Nicole and I studied in Dallas, Texas we were blessed to be able to see and hear Zig on numerous occasions. Zig and his family still make their home in Dallas.

Now in his eighties, Zig is carrying on strong with his motivational messages of hope encouragement and self development.

One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes is “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

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