Walking, Living, Learning!
An Adventure In Personal & Professional Development

Introducing the brand new book "Walking, Living, Learning" from Personal & Professional Development Expert - Al Argo

1 Man - 1 Year - 5 Countries - 66 Books - 1000 Miles & 1000 Plus Life Lessons!

What do you get when a middle age man decides to spend a year walking to improve his health, his relationships, his business, his mind and his spirit?

This book is simply the result of Al Argo’s year of walking around Asia and the USA while listening to 66 books covering such topics as small business management, personal relationships, parenting skills, communication skills and much, much more!

If you want to be successful hang around successful people and read what successful people are reading & writing! This book affords you a rare opportunity for a sneak peak of what Al Argo, a leading Personal & Professional Development Expert read during a year!

Almost 400 pages of easy-to-read practical and motivational advice on subjects ranging from goal setting to business management, from parenting skills to personal finance and from technology to productivity (and much more)!

Every chapter might not completely apply to your situation but you can learn something (and find another great book to read) from every chapter.

This book chronicles Al's journey through Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the USA while walking an hour a day, six days a week.

While walking he was listening to powerful ideas from current best-selling books and classics from years gone by. Enjoy the journey with Al Argo by getting your copy of "Walking, Living, Learning!" today!

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