How To Set & Achieve Smart Goals!
By Al Argo

Smart Goals Setting Will Make A Difference!

Can you believe a brand new year is just around the corner! I encourage you to really sit down and set some huge, personal goals for 2010 and beyond!

After taking about 2-3 minutes to read this article, take about 30 minutes to an hour and invest in yourself and your future by doing this process of smart goal setting!

Ask yourself these questions:

If you could achieve anything during the next 12 months what would it be?

Do you need to loose weight?

Get your finances in order?

Become a better husband, wife or student?

Start a new career?

To set really smart goals don’t just focus on one area, instead I encourage you to focus on at least 4 or 5 key areas.

Focus on your:

Educational Goals (Seek Wisdom! even if you are “out” of school you gotta keep learning)

Health/Fitness Goals (“I will walk 60 min a day 6 days a week for the rest of my life!” is my personal health/fitness goal)

Relationship Goals - (Maybe this is to become a better dad, a better girlfriend or to rekindle relationships with those you’ve not seen lately)

Spiritual Goals - (This is an area we may not think of to often but I encourage you to consider this area along with the other areas as well.)

There might be other areas in which you desire to set goals including: Travel Goals, Fun Goals, Finance Goals and Career Goals. If you can think about it, if you wanna do it, write it down and focus on it! But as you set goals please don’t forget the 4 fundamental areas I wrote about above.

Use the following GOAL MAPS technique to set your smart goals.

G - Ask yourself “Where do I really want to go? Where do I really need to grow?”

O - What obstacles might stand in my way of achieving these goals? How can I overcome them?

A - What action steps are required? How will it feel when I achieve this goal?

L- What do I need to learn in order to accomplish this goal?

M - The goal must be measurable!

A - The goal must be attainable!

P - The goal must be personal!

S - The goal must be specific!

The important thing is that you take a pen and paper and write your goals down. Let me repeat that: Write your goals down! Be as specific as possible! Begin with a personal pronoun and always include a date by which you wish to accomplish your goal or indicate, as I did in my fitness goal, what length of time it is for.

I believe with all my heart you can go anywhere in the world! You really can do anything! There are no real limits except where you (sometimes others try, eh?) limit yourself.

Your future begins NOW so take time to set and write down your smart goals!

Al Argo,

International Speaker, Marketing Strategist and Achievement Coach

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