Motivational Sales Speaker
Al Argo


When I was a young college student and beginning sales person, Motivational sales speakers like Charlie “Tremendous” Jones (far left) and Cavett Robert would often come to our company in Nashville, Tennessee to share their sales techniques, inspiration and motivation with us.

Their speeches equipped us, inspired us and challenged us to set our goals higher, dream bigger and sell more then we ever had before.

As a struggling salesperson I listened to their tapes, followed their advice and was persistent in my daily calls until I succeeded in my efforts and reached the sales goals and won the sales awards I had set for myself.

Now, many years later and thousands of miles from Tennessee, it is my pleasure to carry on the tradition of Charles “Tremendous” Jones and Cavett Robert by sharing, inspiring and motivating sales professionals to dream big, work hard and sell smart!

As a sales speaker and trainer I have been privileged to speak to audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and the USA.

Whether you are an Insurance Company, Real Estate Company, Car Dealership, Bank, Pharmaceutical Company, Aircraft Manufacturer, Magazine, Newspaper or a Direct Sales company I am sure you will agree with me that sales is the life of any business!

As such, continued education, inspiration and motivation from sales speakers is of utmost importance. Don’t you agree?

My goal is simple! I am here to serve you in any way possible!

If you are looking for a motivational sales speaker contact me here to discuss your needs, goals and objectives!