From A Student To A Motivational Speaker
Denver Changed My Life!

As a motivational speaker Denver, Colorado holds a special place in my heart. It was there at the Air Force Academy down in Colorado Springs that I bought my first motivational book ever. I was just a senior in high school and we were on our class senior tour. The pocket sized, spiral bound, gold colored book was chock full of inspirational motivational quotes! It literally changed my life. It was like a door was swung open and I became aware of my potential!

I must of read that book about 25 times on the chartered bus ride from Denver back to Alabama and every now and then I still reach up on the top shelf of my bookcase, pull down the prized book and as I read it thank God that now as a international motivational speaker Denver was the place we went on our Senior class trip many years ago!

Recently someone posted a picture of me on Facebook from that trip and it got me to thinking how my life has changed! You aee it is not only what you have achieved it is what you have had to overcome. As a senior I was aware of my "disabilities" but not my ability or my potential.

Over time I developed a system of success which has worked for me and will work for anyone in Denver, Dallas or Denmark!

Briefly it is called The A.R.G.O. Advantage!

You simply focus on your:

Attitudes and Actions

Relationships and Resources

Goals and Growth and have an

Obstacle Awareness and Opportunity Focus

When we focus on the 8 things, we will truly understand that hey, not only does everyone has obstacles and limits (as seen by Tiger Woods latest "Relationship" issue with wife Elin Nordegren) but we can and should turn those obstacles into great opportunities!

No matter where you are in life today, it can and will get better, if you focus on the A.R.G.O. Advantage Acronym!

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