Motivational Sales Speaker
Al Argo

Are you searching for a motivational sales speaker?

Are you a sales manager planning a major sales meeting?

Are you a CEO wishing everyone in your company were more focused on what really brought in income?

Whatever your title, company, industry or location I am sure you will agree with Peter Drucker when he says:

• “…because it’s business is to create a customer, the business has two, and only two … functions …. Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and Innovation produce results, all the rest are costs.”

Truly, sales, marketing and innovation are the major drivers behind every successful business. I will never forget when I first entered into straight commission sales as a teenager. I could barely say my name correctly much less CLOSE a sale!

Knowing I was on the verge of quitting before I really got started (like a lot of people DO!) my father encouraged me to focus on the 4 focal points of top sales achievers.

These 4 focal points work for me still today and they work for ALL of my clients from Atlanta to Singapore. They truly transcend time, culture and industry.

I have had the privilege of sharing them with huge pharmaceutical giants and small architectural firms. I have shared them with real estate companies, insurance companies and with various financial advisors around the world.

Anyone who is serious about doubling or tripling their corporate or personal sales should know, utilize and remember these 4 focal points of top sales achievers.

As a motivational sales speaker I customize each keynote address to meet the specific needs of each audience and industry while wrapping the 4 focal points in an easy to remember acronym called “The A.R.G.O. Advantage” ©

As your next motivational sales speaker I promise to encourage, entertain and challenge your sales team to double or even triple their sales within the next 12 months. This can and will be done when they focus on “The A.R.G.O. Advantage” ©

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"Tremendous are one of the greatest speakers I have ever heard.”
Charlie “Tremendous" Jones, CSP, CPAE