Meet Al Argo,
aka "The Positive Impact Coach"
International Leadership Development Strategist

You'd never know it, but Al Argo overcame 3 disabilities and survived a skydiving accident to become an International Leadership Development Strategist “Empowering Leaders For Positive Impact!” His undergraduate is in Advertising/Marketing from the University of Alabama and he has also completed several post graduate programs focusing on business, leadership and communications. The challenges he has faced is not atypical of the challenges your employees, students or leaders face on a consistent basis.

The philosophy of success and leadership development he has formulated to help him succeed is also guaranteed to help you and your leaders succeed as your learn it and apply it on a consistent basis.

He has spoken for companies such as Pfizer, Singapore Press Holdings, Standard Chartered Bank and AIG Insurance and at events such as the Napoleon Hill “Now You Can Be Tremendous” Leadership Conference in Kuala Lumpur, the 2010 Singapore Leadership Development Congress and the Bali Leadership Summit. He is also active in community service and training leaders in developing nations to make a positive impact. He is past president of the YMCA Toastmaster’s and past membership chair of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore.

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"The best thing you can do today to create Positive Impact is to look, listen, laugh. learn & lead - and do it all with enthusiasm!"-Al Argo

"The most sustainable business in the world is the business that continually focuses and improves the Positive Impact of its products or services!" - Al Argo

"The ACT in Positive Impact stands for being Authentic, using Candor and maintaining Trust. These are keys to great leadership!!" - Al Argo

“The difference between Positive Impact and Negative Impact is simply a matter of your will! Make a decision today to create Positive Impact everywhere you go!” - Al Argo

“Positive Impact is about building people up, encouraging them and helping them discover their God given potential” - Al Argo

“You don’t necessarily need to be a semanticist or an etymologist, but you can still create a Positive Impact for yourself by consistently learning new words!” - Al Argo

"Be productive, industrious and creative - these three things will help you get things done today & help you thrive tomorrow!" - Al Argo

"Great leaders are continually creating Positive Impact in their company, for their clients and in the community. What are you doing today to create a Positive Impact for everyone you meet, greet or see?" - Al Argo

“Do your absolute best to win – But if you loose – Don’t get bitter, get better!” - Al Argo

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