Al Argo Motivational Quotes

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“Do your absolute best to win –
But if you lose –
Don’t get bitter, get better!” – Al Argo

“The more you give of yourself, The more you will receive for yourself, your family and your future!” – Al Argo

“Forgive first, forgive fast and forgive often.” – Al Argo

“If you are not convinced, it will be evident.
How can you be convincing, if you are not convinced?” – Al Argo

“A wise man once said “You can if you think you can!” My challenge for you is simply this; if you think you can then begin.” – Al Argo

“The hardest step of any worthwhile endeavor is always the first step. The second hardest step is the one you take after every fiber in your body says “Quit!” but you know in your spirit you must carry on!” - Al Argo

“Life’s too short to live too fast!” – Al Argo

“We must have the will to win …
Where there is a will to win,
There is a way to win!
We must find the way,
know the way
and show the way!” – Al Argo

“In sales, to reach your highest potential you must become a master of communication, persuasion and influence!” – Al Argo

“The most successful people in the world have a strong sense of focus on the future; unsuccessful people brood over the past and sing ‘what might have been.’ ” – Al Argo

“YOU can make a difference,
You CAN make a difference,
You can MAKE a difference,
You can make a DIFFERENCE!
Say this everyday,
Believe this,
And you will achieve this!” – Al Argo