“Don’t Fizzle When You Can Sizzle!!”

Strategies To Double Or Triple Your Sales Fast!!

by Al Argo

How would you feel if you could increase your sales by 30% in the next three months? What if you could double or triple your sales in that period? Is this possible?

Of course it is!! You can double or even triple your sales but you really need a strategy in order to accomplish this.

Without a strategy we see many salespeople who fizzle when they really could sizzle!!

Zig Ziglar once said “Nothing happens until something is sold.” How true he is!!

That is why I always tell people “Something happens when you are sold on what you are selling!!”

When you are sold on what you are selling and when you strategically plan your success you are going to let as many people as possible buy your product or service IF it is truly in their best interest.

To many salespeople focus exclusively on their product or service while forgetting about the people who would, could and should be buying. As you talk to the truly great sales people in the world they will tell you that part of their strategy revolves around the people they serve and not necessarily around the product or service they sell.

Just this week I had the privilege of having dinner with Andy, one of Singapore’s top financial advisers. Andy looked at me while sipping his soft drink and said “Al, when I close a new deal that is just the beginning. I strive to serve my clients so well that virtually 100% of my business is referral based.” It is all about the relationship!

Now he used an interesting word when he said “serve” because when we study the origins of the word “selling” we see it simply means to serve. Not being self serving but being client and prospect serving. Not worrying about the money or commission but focusing on the well being of our clients and friends!!

My friend, Andy, looked at me and said “Al, I have achieved every goal I set out to achieve for this year! I’ve made the Million Dollar Round table; I’ve won a trip to Paris … every goal that I’ve set for the year has been achieved!”

Andy then looked at me and said “Al, my sales manager wants me to double my sales in the next three months. He wants me to produce as much between now and then as I have done all year! I want to do it to, Al! I really want my wife to be able to go with me to Paris!”

Now I’ve always known Andy to be very motivated, but this week he in essence told me that he was not going to settle for fizzle when he could soar to sizzle!!

The exciting news is that Andy, and you, can reach any sales target which is strategically set. There are no limits. You simply have to have a strategy, you have to do the right things and you have to do things right. There are no shortcuts to success and there are no limits to the significance you can have on the lives of others.

I believe with all my heart that you can double or triple your sales within the next year if you so choose!

Whether you sell advertising, IT, engineering, real estate, land baking, financial plans, automobiles, airplanes, insurance, travel or education - your sales can increase.

If you really want to double or triple your sales fast I would recommend you do the following:

  • Learn how to set a strategy to increase your sales! 
  • Study and implement the characteristic of top sales performers (like Andy)!
  • Focus on clients and customers more then your product or service!
  • Focus on serving rather then selling!
  • Recognize and utilize the typical salespersons most under utilized asset – relationships! 

And while you are at it:

  • Always, always set call objectives!

The worst thing in the world is showing up without a plan!

If you begin to focus on the things I have briefly mentioned here – your sales will not fizzle, instead they will definitely sizzle!

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