National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the original speaker organization serving the speaker community.

In 1966, Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE , a lawyer who had become a very successful salesperson then a professional speaker got a wild idea that there should be a organization of high ethical standards to serve the speaker community in order to help “build a bigger pie” for everyone.

He tried, unsuccessfully, to get it off the ground. It simply did not fly! (Have you ever had an idea that did not get off the ground? What did you do?)

Like a great salesperson and like a great motivator he did not give up. Cavett appointed a board and began to advertise the high ethical and professional standards to prospective members.

The board meanwhile elected recognized professional speaker, Bill Gove, as their first president and in 1973 the National Speakers Association was chartered with 20 members.

Through word of mouth, the NSA grew to 100 members in 1974 and by 1980 there were over 1,000 members.

Today, the NSA is “the leading organization for professional speakers. NSA's thousands of members include experts in a variety of industries and disciplines, who reach audiences as trainers, educators, humorists, motivators, consultants, authors and more.” (1)

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Written by Al Argo
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