Demo Videos From The Positive Impact Coach - Al Argo!

We hope you enjoy the following audio/video samples from Al Argo!

"Write Down Your Goals!" - A motivational poem written by Al Argo

Short Clips From Al Argo's "How To Double or Triple YOUR Sales in !2 Months!"

Just For Fun: This is a video of the zip-line adventure my family and I had on a recent trip to Thailand!

Argo Audio Sample 1

Al Argo Keynote at International Award Day for Insurance Agency (February 2008) Time 4:44

Argo Audio Sample 2

Al Argo Live At The 2007 Asia Pacific Speakers Summit!
(Please Hit Play When Ready) Time 7:17

"Tremendous are one of the greatest speakers I have ever heard.”

Charlie “Tremendous" Jones, CSP, CPAE