How To Be A Champion Communicator!

By Al Argo

Do you long to be a Champion Communicator? Do you dream of having audiences cling to your every word? Would you like to mesmerize millions? Or maybe just give a powerful Power-Point presentation?

From the minute you begin to prepare for your next speech you will be on the fast track to success if you simply follow the tips and techniques I have written about here.

Using the word champion as an acronym lets explore how to be a Champion Communicator.

A true Champion Communicator is:

Comfortable – Try to be as comfortable as possible in front of an audience. A lot of preparation, combined with practice, mixed with passion for your topic will help you to become comfortable in front of any audience.

The more speeches you give the more comfortable you will become. Just because you are comfortable does not mean you will not be nervous. You can channel your nervousness into positive energy and be “comfortably nervous.”

Humorous – In listening to speakers from all over the world for the last twenty years I have observed that a common element in all truly great speakers is their ability to make people laugh.

Humor adds impact and helps make your message memorable. The good news is that humor is a skill which can be practiced and improved.

Aware – As you speak you need to be aware of the audience and their needs. Every time you speak you have the ability to meet needs. Even a brief word of encouragement, thanks or a simple smile can make an audience members day.

As a professional speaker I work closely with the organizer or meeting planner to make sure I am aware of needs even before I step foot in the auditorium. Seek to serve in order to be a Champion Communicator.

You must also be aware of the time factor. Almost every speech you will ever give has a time limit. Be aware of your time limit and do not exceed it.

Memorable – One of the most challenging things a speaker has to do is to make the message memorable. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can use interesting props. In the past year I have used KFC boxes, guns, trees, chairs and balls as props during the middle of different speeches.

If you are using Power Point try to use a lot of colorful pictures, not just type. Whether you use Power Point or not you should be painting word pictures. People love stories, give the details, paint the picture and make the point. Your message will be remembered.

Purposeful – Every speech should have a specific purpose. Is it to persuade, inform, entertain or to motivate? Champion Communicators know the purpose of their speech and work to fulfill the purpose. It may be hard work – being a champion is not easy, but it sure is fun.

Integrity – By integrity I mean give credit where credit is due. If you use a quote from someone give the person credit. If you throw out a statistic, cite your source.

If you are retelling a story you just read in a book give the author credit. Better yet be original and tell your own story. Champion Communicators keep a file of their own stories which they can draw from at any time in the future. When you speak – speak with integrity.

Optimistic – Champion Communicators have a positive attitude. Be optimistic. Know that each time you give a speech you are becoming better and better. Really believe that you can achieve your hopes, dreams and goals - and you will.

Never Quit – You will achieve your hopes, dreams and goals if you never quit. If you never quit, you can be a Champion Communicator. While I have been speaking I have had a lot of accidents. Speaking in North Carolina I fell off the stage, not once but twice.

Wow!! At a company in Singapore, I split a cup of water all over somebody as I was speaking. I have accidentally hit people with props and I have said things that I never intended to come out of my mouth.

Yes, I have made a lot of mistakes but I will never make the mistake of quitting. A friend of mine looked at me recently and said: “Al, if you never quit, eventually you will win.”

Get Comfortable, be Humorous, Aware, Memorable, and Purposeful, speak with Integrity, be Optimistic and Never Quit and you will be a Champion Communicator!

Al Argo is a professional speaker and marketing strategist based in Singapore and the USA. He is a widely sought after motivational speaker in the areas of sales, marketing, personal effectiveness and leadership. www.inspirational–motivational–

© 2008, Al Argo

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