Al Argo Testimonials


Great seeing you again in Singapore and fun seeing you in action.

You know how to build a fire under an audience."

Dan Poynter, CSP

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"Al delivers an uplifting message, using inspiring examples and personal stories.His liveliness and sense of humour make his workshop great fun, and his infectious enthusiasm makes him a speaker who's easy to listen to and learn from.”

Swaran Kapur, The Business Times (Singapore)

Testimonials From Other Workshop Participants:

“Very motivational & inspiring.”

“Good organised programme.”

“The trainer (Al Argo) is knowledgeable & jovial I really enjoyed the lessons & most of all pick(ed) up some important tips for personal effectiveness. Wow! Keep up the good job. Well done!”

“This is the most informative workshop that I have ever attended. It would be very useful for my everyday use in the office and personal life.”

“Best Trainer!”

“Well done!”

“I am wow-ed! Thank you.”

“I learn(ed) so much about people skills and how to develop people skills through this lesson. I am motivated more to become a better person.”

“Mr Al Argo is a very engaging speaker.”

“Al Argo is an excellent trainer who delivers the message in a consistent, highly effective manner that I can absorb and relate to. Speaks clearly and easily understood. Great motivator.”