APSS - Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore

Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS) was founded in 2003 by a group of diverse founding members who all had, at some level, an interest in the profession of speaking.

Originally called Asia Speakers Association (ASA) the name was later changed to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

I first heard of APSS while searching the U.S. based National Speakers Association (NSA) website in early 2004. I was already based in Singapore as a Speaker and Trainer and joined APSS at the very next meeting.

I not only enjoy networking with, and learning from, other professional speakers from around the world but also enjoy the (almost) monthly Speaker Magazine and our monthly Voices Of Experience Audio CD, both of which come together 10 times a year. APSS has organized or helped organize several world class speaker events, including the 1st ever Global Speakers Summit, held in Singapore, in 2005. The 2007 Asia Pacific Speakers Summit and the recently completed Speaking For Success Conference which was our 1st ever National Convention. (held on the 3-4 April 2008 at Furama Riverfront, Singapore)

David Lim, famous for leading the first Singaporean team to Mt. Everest, is our current 2007-2008 APSS President. Humorous Speaker and author, Christian Chua is our incoming President.

Below is a list of our Past Presidents:

Margaret Loh, Founding APSS President

Ray Bigger, 2004-2005 APSS President

Benjamin Cheng. 2005-2006 APSS President

Dave Rogers, 2006-2007 APSS President

Pictured is Founding IFFPS President, Warren Evans, and then current IFFPS President, Paul Bridle, welcoming our then current APSS President Benjamin Cheng and APSS to Full Member status in the Federation during the 2005 Executive Council meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I am proud to be a Professional Member of APSS and would recommend membership to all speakers who work in or around Asia.

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